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My question - what is the business plan, exclude or chase away certain slide contributors. There are a few steady slide contributors but compared to what is out there this site is really lagging.

If someone with Doug's PS skills and experience(2900+) navigating Railpics faces these challenges what chance does the average guy with nice photos but with basic skill set have.
As far as Doug's photo even if we could get 2 people to agree on a color adjustment, what is the difference really?

You start out with a 40 year old slide, research a caption, clean it up, process it. clean it up some more. Very often the sky needs work. Slide films all had their own color bias and you may have some color shift. You do the best you can.

To be fair, I have some accepted where I think I got the benefit of the doubt but then.......... just takes the wind out of your sails.

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