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Back to the original point, my complaint is that the image quality on the photo in question is horrible. Certainly 10X worse than some of the rejected images I have seen posted on this forum.

I have posted 1300 shots in 5 years and have never received a SC (I do have 1 POTW). Of those, there are maybe 10 I thought might have a legitimate chance. But we don't have snow covered mountains in the Midwest. My real gripe though, is seeing the same location, sometimes even on the same day, get multiple awards. Mix it up a little.

With regard to dupes and originals.......The originals I have posted from others are from trader slides from friends who are deceased. I would not post an original from someone still with us unless they asked me to. I have a lot of 1st gen dupes from friends who are deceased as well. The sad part there is that many of the originals are in museum collections where we will likely never be able to view them as they have just been stored in their files.
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