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Originally Posted by ATSF666 View Post
That has to be the worst example of grain I have seen accepted. I uploaded a couple of MRL shots recently taken well before Dannaman discovered Montana and they had no where had the amount of grain exhibited in this one and some of the others that have been uploaded by the poster. I happened to comment on one of his and the poster got rather pissed off by my comment.

I too, wish the owners of the site would decide what their stance is on film shots. I have some interesting slides, but I find the aggravation of trying to get them on the site far exceeds any happiness I might get in sharing my efforts of the past.

I take the opposite view of Mitch these days, if they are not good technically, we shouldn't see them here.
I’ve been photographing trains in Montana since 1988, a few months after Montana Rail Link was formed. Why are compelled to drag my name (misspelled, by the way) through the mud in a thread that doesn’t involve one of my photos?

Mike Danneman
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