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Originally Posted by Moffat Road View Post
I’ve been photographing trains in Montana since 1988, a few months after Montana Rail Link was formed. Why are compelled to drag my name (misspelled, by the way) through the mud in a thread that doesn’t involve one of my photos?

Mike Danneman
I apologize for the misspelling. I don't find anything on the MRL with your name on it in the time period I am discussing, 1988-1992. As I am sure you are aware, anything you upload from the MRL usually gets high honors from the crew here at railpics. All I was trying to say, is that any attempt to upload slides unless your name is _____ or _____ is a waste of time. I'm not trashing your photos as they are consistently outstanding, but I don't see anything from you shot on the MRL from the time period that I shot a lot of photos on the MRL, so how can you be offended?

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