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Originally Posted by Grewup on the CW View Post
While this is off the original subject, But now you got my interest and I would like to hear further discussion about the your slide comment.

First its my understanding with posting another photographer pic, so as long as proper credit is given and permission is granted from the living photographer, then its ok to post.

Second if the original photographer of said slide is dead and there is no estate and no know relatives, Who owns said slide?
In reference to your first question, as far as I know, as long as a photographer gives permission for someone to post a photo online, it is okay. Obviously, a photo credit is much appreciated.

I don’t know all of the copyright laws, but a quick search online revealed a little more information:

Answering your second question is this sentence from the article, “The photographer who pushed the button owns the copyright. A photographer will own that copyright throughout their life and 70 years afterwards.”

This is where these postings of other photographer’s photos from people’s collections on RailPics is not right. I believe the original photographer still owns the copyright.

If anyone has any other information, maybe they can share it here too.


Mike Danneman
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