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Originally Posted by Mike Wilson View Post
While blur shots such as the one I took are not "in vogue" for most railroad photographers, I wanted to accomplish the task of focusing on something other than just the train. 95% of charter photographers do just that and while that is perfectly acceptable I have shot the Strasburg Rail Road too many times to count and I find it imperative to come away with something completely different and unique. I find that slowing the shutter speed and focusing on the car and crossing scene, in this instance, helps to create a more dramatic effect of speed and motion in combination with the steam exhaust and whirling rods. I think in some ways it mimics what our eyes see when a bigger locomotive like #90 comes whizzing by us.

This is just my opinion and I do not take myself seriously enough as a railroad photographer to think its the only and best way, but I wanted this to be more of an explanation of my thought process.
Great response, and I think you captured it quite well. I like the effect of the train blurring through the scene.
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