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Originally Posted by Rene de Vries View Post
Hi John

Second - the screeners obviously don't like it when there is more than just a train in the picture. Every now and then I find myself cropping a picture (because it was rejected with "awkward composition") and removing part of the scenery - in the end what is left is a picture where the focus is almost solely on the train...

But if you know this, you can obviously crop in advance and hope that the screeners are happy..



I agree with you on the cropping issue. To me there is a lot times where there is more to view and in the view that just the train. I personally look at everything in all the pics on RP and not just the focal point. I have taken numerous shots wider than planned just because there was more to the surroundings that appealed to me. Unfortunately RP's preferences is what it is and I just chalk those pics up to "RP's lose" and move on.
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