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Default Worth the Effort?

I have been unable to upload any photographs into the database since February. Since that time, I have sought to improve the quality of my shots and tried to become more adept at using the tools available in Adobe Lightroom. Attached are a few samples of my work since February. For comparison, my photos prior to that time can be found at: www.railpictures.net/showphotos.php?userid=76987

First and foremost, I'd appreciate constructive criticism on the portfolio as a whole. For example, are there any problems among all of these images or a subset thereof (e.g., unlevel horizon, composition/balance, etc.)? Based on any common issues, are there tools in Lightroom that I should try to become more familiar with?

Second, can anybody offer me advice on how to get the site administrators to restore my ability to upload or at least explain why it was taken away? In the week before my ability to upload was apparently curtailed, I had received two "Top Shots" notifications and had a fair number of images accepted into the database. I was never given a warning about their being any issue with my conduct or submissions that could lead suspension or ban beforehand. After the apparent suspension/ban, I was never given an explanation as to why it occurred (the "Upload Photos" page does say I have a daily upload limit of one image, but I get an error if I try to upload).

I have sent a couple of polite emails to follow up, but I have never gotten any kind of reply. I could accept the prospect of a suspension or a ban if I understood the rationale. Without an explanation, I have no way of knowing what I may have done wrong or how I can improve going forward.

I'm a relatively young photographer. I recognize there's always room to grow and improve. As such, your insights and advice would be tremendously appreciated, particularly as my outreach to the administrators have fallen on deaf ears so far. Thanks in advance!
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I'm making a second post in this thread, since it does not appear that my attachments came up with my prior post.
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I wondered what happened if you were reinstated? My perception is they get a good number of emails and perhaps don't get to them all. If you email them I'd suggest keeping the email short and to the point. Maybe 2 or 3 short sentences.

Perhaps they will see your note on the forum but............

The subject line "Worth the effort" is somewhat negative in its self and non descriptive.

"How can I get my upload ability restored". subject line. Then a few short lines describing your problem and request.

Once you get restored? then perhaps throw out a couple photos for discussion but would not expect a tutorial on a bunch of images.

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I'll offer this. When the sun isn't out, your shots need a serious boost in contrast.

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Many complaints have been posted in this forum about the staff's unresponsiveness, and it's only gotten worse since Chase is less active here.
I'd say post elsewhere and be pleasantly surprised if RP does respond to your e-mails.
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