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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
You should have appealed and stated that a couple of the cattle were female, and RP never rejects a photo with a female in it..

Loyd L.
It still would have received a PAQ due to the females being a bunch of heifers!
Doug Lilly

My RP Pics are HERE.

I've now got a Flickr. account, too.

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Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post
Kevin, I used to beleive that, but my personal experience makes me tend to feel that the sharing of the PoTWs is not as magnanamous as you indicate. I received three SC's and two POTW's in 2015 and 2016. Since then, I have had a grand total of zero.

I am not so vain as to think that I am on a level with several of the best photographers here,but I have posted quite a few shots in the past six years that I felt had a chance of getting the staff's attention. It seems that the definition of "best photos on the internet" is not weighted to include solid images that really compel people to want to have a closer look. Although my images don't get the attention of the screeners, I have thought that success with the viewers may get attention for POTW, but my hopes never materialize. The one image that solidified this notion got over 10K views in the first week, and several comments, including "This is fantastic!" from Chris K.

Image © Doug Lilly
PhotoID: 762186
Photograph © Doug Lilly

Of course, Tuesday came and went and another of my images went unnoticed. That really demotivated me, but my habit of posting two submissions continued.

A couple of months ago, I submitted an image that certainly was not award-worthy, but it was not another wedgie. It received a composition rejection. I recropped and got a PAQ!

Attachment 9947

That did it. I have overcome my awful habit of posting two images daily here.
Doug, nearly 1400 images and I have yet to receive a POTW so don't feel bad. I would definitely give you an award or 2 if I could. We've been thru this before but older shots rarely get a POTW. Scenery or weather are easily the dominant choices. Some locations have received multiple POTW's, sometimes even by the same photog. I agree that the POTW is not magnanimous as well. My local favorite, the long gone FRVR will likely never get a POTW. But that doesn't mean that no worthy images exist because they do.

BTW, I gave up the posting every day thing a while ago.
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Originally Posted by vcode455 View Post
Again, this started off as a question to see if anyone sees the pixilation or compression that is referenced. The other image is referenced as my blurry first image is way sharper than the one posted.
Put both rejects into separate tabs in your browser and then click back and forth. The difference between the two is very noticeable. The first rejection looks too soft, and the second looks oversharpened. Lots of jaggy lines, especially noticeable with the windshield frame as well as the horn. Some weird glitchy artifacts definitely going on there. Could by the crap compression from uploading an image to RP. Do you have this photo on flickr as well? Maybe it looks better there.
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