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Angry Rejection reason

Why was this rejected?
I see no meaning in this rejection.
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Joseph Cermak
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Two reasons were given:
- Angle (Going Away): Photos in which the train is traveling away from the photographer, or roster shots focusing on the rear of the subject, are generally not accepted. Exceptions are made for artistic and/or unique images.
- Backlit (Side): The visible side of the train does not feature enough light.

While it may not be 100% "going away" there seems to be no reason to compose like that, it is unlevel, and the lighting essentially kills it from any chance on this site. Not to be harsh but this is not what they are looking for here.
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To have done this angle correct, you needed to step over to your left some to shoot it. It's more :Bad Angle" than "Going Away."

The backlit rejection is legit here too as you can see the shadows on the ground in the shot. That puts the entire side of the locomotive in a shadow.
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