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Default Straight out of the Camera?

No discredit to the photographer, nice picture but can a low light picture achieve these results or is there some filter applied here? Looks "printed" for lack of better words.

Image © Sergey Krylov
PhotoID: 717191
Photograph © Sergey Krylov
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Thanks for pointing that photo out. Always great to see new things. I have noticed Russian contributors tend to excel at night low light, not surprising. Assume this station was built as primary entrance to the palace so designed to "fit in". Did not find night photo so hard to tell what kind of lighting they have but would guess it would enhance the building nicely making photography easier. When I visited it was still Leningrad and only had 1 day entry permit so we had to chose and stayed with the central area and the Hermitage. Things were a little "worn" then but guess everything is lot nicer with the Russian federation.

No exif but time exposure so sharpness would be expected?, the building itself almost appears too sharp but looking at daytime photos it has that look. My general feeling is most night work has some adjustment but would not expect there is some "trick" here.(guess I am wrong?)
Sorry to go off on a tangent and will be interested to hear what others say.

Bob Jordan

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Multiple exposures with different focal points and blended together. I liked it because of the complexity and the result achieved.

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