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Default Is this worth pursuing?

As some may know I am due a cataract op soon so can't always tell if I have transgressed the rules
Therefore I ask for other's eyes to judge for me. This was shot at ISO 800 on a sunny day, 250th at f13. Is the screener right as it has been rejected 3 times for the same reason, despite some tinkering by me each time?
Thanks to anyone who replies
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Hi Dave,

I don't see any significant noise on my display. I do think the image could use a bit more highlight reduction, as there are a few areas that look overexposed to me. I tend to shoot a scene like this a bit dark to save the highlights and use shadow reduction and the tone curve in Lightroom to bring up the dark areas.

Here's the thing though.... If it has been rejected 3 times, I would give it a rest. Work on it later. Continuing to submit it when you can't see the issue they are flagging is probably just an e-ticket to pissing the screener off. Put it in the to-do file and move on.

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I, also don't see any grain. It appears to me that maybe you worked the shadows a bit too much. The engine looks like it had a fair amount of shadow on it and that you attempted to lighten them.
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