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Harry Gaydosz
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Default Photoshop Elements

I have PSE 11. I know my skills on this program are poor at best...can anyone suggest some online help to point me in the right direction of what we do?
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Holloran Grade
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YouTube has all sorts of instructional videos for Lightroom, I assume they would have them for PS as well.

Also, a class at the local junior college is a good way to get immersion training.
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I only have PSE 9. I used to search in Youtube..."how do you XXX in PSE 9?"

the versions don't seem to change that much over time.
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John West
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Smile Not intuitive

Photoshop (any version) is notorious for not being intuitive. But once you get the hang of it it has incredible capabilities, even the most limited versions. I have been using various versions for over ten years, and am still discovering new tricks. Getting started is the hardest part. I was lucky, a friend showed me the basics. Alternatively, as suggested above, a quick course somewhere would be a good way to get started...school, camera club, camera store or wherever you can find one. Just something that covers the basics is good enough to get started. Maybe a book....although I find computer how to books to be of limited value. Once you get the basics, then you can just play around and try things out.
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Check this out: http://it-ebooks.info/book/945/
Free download too.
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Joel Hawthorn

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MassArt Images
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Try AdobeTV for tips and techniques
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