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Default Help identifying AMTRAK locos and trains!

Hi all,

I visited the USA for the first time last week and during my trip managed to fit in a visit to Jack London Square.

I have four pictures on my website but no idea of any of the workings. A friend has given me a bit of loco information but any extra information would be gratefully received.

The four pictures I need help with are...

Pic 1) loco no 2008 taken at 1025 - I think this train reversed at Jack London Square station.


Pic 2) loco no 2010 taken at 1007 - I think this train reversed at Jack London Square station.


Pic 3) loco no 590 after attaching a coach to the train in pic 4 returns light engine to somewhere?


Pic 4) loco No 61 taken at 1000 - a coach was attached to rear of this train at JLS station


Any advice/help is much appreciated.


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First two are F59PHIs from EMD, third one is a MP14B from Motive Power, last one is a P42DC from GE.

Compare the times you took the pictures to the timetables on this page for train numbers.


The two services you can see there are "Capital Corridor" and "San Juaquin."

The genset (MP14B) is a switch engine and would just be going back to the coach yard at that point, I believe.

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