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Default Brand new rail line in Chesapeake/Norfolk?

Don't know if this is class one or passenger transit but I will ask here:

Returning from the Outer Banks of NC this week, I noticed a new rail line in the median of I-664 in Chesapeake, Va an area south of Norfolk.

Is this a new rail transit line or a freight spur? At this point it was single track with no ballast, just ties and rail. It looked to be more transit, light rail.

Anyone follow this area?

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I thought I read an article a year or two ago about a shortline actually moving their RoW to a different location. I can't find it now but I'm pretty sure that's what it is.
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Default Mike, any ideas?

Thanks Andrew. I have some feelers out to a fan in the area. If I get any more info I will post here.

Mike, do you have any thoughts? If this is shortline related you might know.

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That is the new alignment of the Commonwealth Railway. Check the shortline forum for a very nice update on progress there.
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