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Default Best time to go to the southwest US.

Just wondering what season has the best scenery in the southwestern US for railroad photography.
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Not sure if you are including Southern California in your request, but in case you are --

I would personally say Late Winter and Early Spring. There's not much of an Autumn color thing here, and Summer is either high sun or gloom. Winter can give you snow in the Tehachapis (or even in Cajon on occasion), but even if you don't get snow, the light is nice. Spring is green with wild flowers.

Now - although it did not happen this year, February and March can be extremely rainy some years, so that is a potential trip destroyer.
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March-May. Things are at their greenest and the weather is pretty nice. Summer is hot, and by the time fall hits, the desert has turned brown and really isn't nearly as photogenic as it is when it's spring. Now keep in mind the difference between brown and green in the desert isn't that much, but it's amazing the difference it makes in pictures.
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Hey Travis,

At least for around here in Vegas, definately October-March, have been my experience here in the Valley...the best sun angles etc....if you go any other time, you just have to plan around early a.m., (done by 9am)...or shoot around 4pm ish...when the sun starts to set. Good luck.
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