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I have never been asked what i am doing, once I was standing on the platform waiting for a Southbound, and a cop drove right by, he didn't care at all, its not like i'm going to do anything, I just like trains. Our country is too hysteric about terrorism and trains. what would be the point of doing something to lets say a empty unit coal train? I can see a hazmat, or a amtrak, but god forbid that happening, then our hobby maybe even more restircted.
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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
While the majority of US states allow one party consent to record a conversation, there are 12 states that require both / all parties involved in a conversation to consent to being recorded. Failure to follow the law could be quite bad for you. Check your state laws on wiretapping first.
Those 12:
New Hampshire

If you live, or are going railfanning, in one of those states, it benefits you to check up on those laws, as some restrict only conversations which the parties would want to keep private. However, with many police having a dashboard camera that records sound, this may be a loophole.

- Chris
/Disclaimer: Not a lawyer or a student of the law. The above advice cannot be considered anything more than an educated guess.
- Christopher Blaszczyk
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Originally Posted by MDH
How about highway moves?
Don't give them any ideas.
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To my limited knowledge, if a conversation is being held in a public place, and there's no reasonable expectation of privacy, you don't need 2 party consent.
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