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Default Rejection of a Cab Control Car

I got this rejected photograph. The train was heading toward me, not away. I appealed the photograph, but it got rejected. I don't agree with the rejection.http://www.railpictures.net/viewreje...23&key=7849386
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Wrong format, vertical to begin with, 1/2 blue sky, 1/2 roster shot, near the edge, too much foreground, clone out the wire, I'd try to shoot it some where to include station background or something else to provide context.

Image © Robert Jordan
PhotoID: 495688
Photograph © Robert Jordan

Bob Jordan

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Yup, what Rob said. It's a horizontal jammed into a vertical format. But even after correcting that, it is a roster shot, basically, and in harsh light. The screener may have clicked on the wrong button, but still things to fix here. Too tight on the left. Looks like you had the possibility of positioning yourself farther right and getting a scene of the train leaving the station; right now the station sort of disappears.
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They may be less than enthusiastic about the wrong end of a push-pull as well.
I've always detested them. It's high-speed backing IMO. And they make a locomotive-first shot very difficult in some great locations like Moodna Viaduct.
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That's just not a very well composed shot...
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Did you take this with Instagram?

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