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Default Adobe Lightroom - thumbs not matching full res images

Yet another oddity I've encountered in LR - what's the deal /fix?

Thumbs on the bottom look great, but when you open in the develop module, they look like the thumbs for a millisecond but then brighten up and loose saturation (or today, as a surprise, saw some thumbs open and get much darker). Afterwards, the thumb changes to match the high res image in the develop mode - and there's no way to ever bring the original - typically much nicer image back other than perhaps looking at the next frame - but if you open that, it repeats as stated above.

Assume that is LR taking the JPEG version and converting it to its best guess adaptation of the RAW? Annoying - in some cases, it takes time to get the image BACK to the more appealing thumb preview.


On a side note - does anyone use the AdobePRO color profile? Verse the more standard sRGB? I've noticed in the past, some add-on filters do not work well with AdobePRO - offer up bronze like tints, and posting AdobePRO images on RP often resulted in purple vs blue skies.
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