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Default SP/UP 6373 on the point of a ballast train

Attachment 9159
Attachment 9160
Attachment 9161
Got these shots of a SP AC44 on the point of a ballast train parked in the Nampa yard. Which one seems to have the best chance of getting in? I did my best to follow RoT with these.

The only problems I see with these that might hinder their chances:
1st one: I don't see what could be a problem with it.
2nd one: Train got a bit cut off, so out of these two the 1st one would be preferable.
3rd one: The engine might take up too little of the shot... plus the shadows on the side of the unit might be too much...

What do you think?
Believe it or not, I do try.

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Photos 1 and 2, you have that pole in the foreground which is a no-no.

Photo 3, wont work due to the suns position on the opposite side.

As for RoT you did very well. Keep it up and you'll get it. Just watch for the pesky poles.
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The first one could possibly get in even with the pole but I wouldn't recommend submitting it. Remember: quality over quantity when it comes to submitting. You're getting better!


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No auto-adjust on your editor?
All are too dark.
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