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Default Amtrak locomotive fire in Elyria, Ohio

This happened this morning on December 15, 2010. Attached is a link to a local news site that covered the story.

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Do photographers for news outlets think having a badly unlevel shot is cool or something?

I find that really annoying and distracting.
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Don't know... but I do have to say that before I started submitting here, horizon unlevel was something that I never even noticed (either on film or digital).

I'm amazed at how much better so many of my pics look when I straighten them out.
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Would it be safe to assume that 112 was placed back in the constist when the NS rescue loco arrived, or would it have been moved to a siding to await an Amtrak rescue loco?
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It's currently sitting on the spur for a recycling place just east of the Elyria station which was where the train stopped.
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Here's a better picture of the Toasted Toaster. I took this on Friday in Toledo, train was running as R19.

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amtrak, elyria, fire, ohio

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