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Question Composition Rejection

Hi all,

Would appreciate some input on this shot.

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Do you have any space available on the right hand side that you cropped out? Needs to be cropped on the left, and add more on the right. But having said that, unless you do some post and pull some shadows out, I would wager you will get rejected for a dark nose.
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I looked at this post last night when it popped up and could not pinpoint what was wrong with the shot, just that something was wrong with it, so I did not respond. One thing that I realize looking at it today is that the ratio is 8X6. I was wondering why you cropped it to that ratio. I know it's a person preference, but it looks better at 8&12. That's one thing.

It seems just a tad in your face. The pole is just kinda right in your lap. The shot seems to me to be leaning to the right judging from the horizon itself and not either main element of the shot. You might come back and tell me it's an elevated curve though. There is also a shadow partly on the nose, as mentioned above me. That's not a shot killer to me at all, but then I'm not a screener here who may be the next one to view the shot.

Admittedly, one of this goes to how to crop the image though. I am still at a lost, frankly, because it needs to be recropped from the original and some added ack on. Since we can't see the original, I'm not sure how to advise. To me, the 8X12 still looks better, but I'm not saying this version below gets on.
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Thank you both for your input. I attached the original image for reference. Joe, this is an elevated curve. I have an earlier frame but I had autofocus on and the milepost is slightly out of focus. The nose shadow is also more prominent which is why I went with this one. The shot is a little tight as the new milepost is just off frame to the right.

Also, any advice on this one?

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