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Default Overexposed? Maybe my monitor is off


It was rejected for size (height was just under the 680 minimum), so I fixed that and now it comes back overexposed?

It was definately exposed / metered perfectly dead center, I had plenty of time to setup the shot, did I brighten it too much in post processing? It looks perfectly fine on my monitor.


Actually the grey on the engines looks blue tinted, I adjusted it some more and lowered the brightness slightly:
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If you had it perfectly exposed in the camera, why did you brighten it in photoshop? Darken the image some and give that a try, but keep in mind there is a giant tower growing out of the right unit.
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Ween, where are you and your histogram madness?

Kevin, there are a lot of blown highlights, such as the white on top of the cab on the first unit there. Also, the sky is a bit wishy washy. I attempted some curves and levels on it. It needs some leveling and it does look like the color may be a bit off, but I just attempted to fix what the problem you had. Also, watch for what the previous has stated, random stuff growing out of engines. Not just in railroad photography, but any photography. It's distracting. I'm guilty of it myself, but taking a good photograph just doesn't require good lighting, it requires some nitpicking on your part before you snap the image. Good luck!

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Ween, where are you and your histogram madness?
Because I knew some astute observer would come along and point out the white cab top and how you can't see any definition where the two surfaces meet...
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I think mabye some selective shot highlights, and maybe taking the brightness down just a tad would do it. Ive seen a fair bit of those slug sets and they are some of the worst faded engines on the CSX roster. The original looks pretty close to dead on, Ben im afraid yours looks way too dark.

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