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Default Somewhat Confused.


I thought at first they meant parts of the viaduct obscuring the train,but having thought about it, the problem (for the screener anyway) appears to be the grass/weeds at the bottom of the picture.
Maybe a re-crop with less (or none) of them visible ? Anyone think this would help ?
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Hmmm...those same "weeds" didn't get this one rejected. Maybe they thought one of this scene was enough???

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Photograph © David J. Smith
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Joseph Cermak
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I have to assume they're talking about the weeds/fence on the bridge itself. I've seen this rejection used for that before, but it varies screener to screener whether its an issue or not...
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I would surmise that a more zoomed in composition makes the lack of visible wheels an issue for the screener that rejected it.

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