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Default Lansdale, PA Cluster shortlining

I've been reluctant to say anything about this, though the rumor has been around for at least a couple of years. CSX and shortline Pennsylvania Northeastern Railroad, which is affiliated with the New Hope & Ivyland, appear to on the brink of a final agreement. You'll note the story says they are still working out some final details, and I've seen this deal go from definitely happening to dead at least twice now, hence my reluctancy to say much about it.

PNR has already purchased a pair of ex NS/CR C39-8s for use on the lines, and this will again introduce this locomotive type to revenue freight service in the US. It appears they have already been using one on the NHI while awaiting start up.

Mike Derrick

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While working at my local train store in Lansdale, Pa, a customer came in and told me that he saw one of the C39-8s plus an ex-CP SD40(engine as been in use on the NH&Ifor some time now) in the yard at Lansdale. This would seem to support your information.
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Welcome to the forums, Bob!

Here are a couple shots of the C39-8 engines, and the ex-CP, from August.

Image © Dale Woodland
PhotoID: 373238
Photograph © Dale Woodland

Image © Dale Woodland
PhotoID: 372229
Photograph © Dale Woodland

I have never been to Landsdale, nearby but not there, but I have a vague recollection that for a while one of the last Chessie GPs was assigned to the yard there.
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