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Default Need advice on a Canon DSLR body

Know this has been covered before, but will bring it up again.
Am looking at getting the wife(and I ) a DSLR body. She has a Rebel T2 Film SLR now, am looking for a DSLR body that will accept the lenses from that body in digital format. Can not afford really to get both the body and glass right now. The Lenses are both Sigma,one is a 28-80, the other is a 70-300,1:4-5.6
Any help would be appreciated
Thanks in advance
Shaun McMillan
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I would look for a used Digital Rebel XT or 20D, both are excellent cameras with good resolution (8MP).
The biggest problem is going to be your lenses. Sigma are OK, but you will really see their shortcomings when shooting 8MP or higher. I have the same dilemma with a 28-80 Tamron.
KEH Camera is listing used 20D's @ $725-780 and Digital Rebel XT's @ $429-509.
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Agree with Save's advice, but a few comments. First, on fredmiranda.com I am seeing 20D bodies for under 700 if you are willing to do a transaction with an individual instead of a business; got one myself for 720 shipped and paypaled several months ago. Second, let's not trash the Sigma brand broadly (you may not have intended it that way). Their cheap stuff is poor quality, but to some extent one gets what one pays for, especially on the low end. I am very happy with my Sigma 17-70, and they have a number of other desirable lenses.
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You may also want to consider the Digital Rebel XTi. It is similar to the XT, only it has 10.1MP, a vibrating image sensor (to remove dust), and a larger LCD screen. I bought the XT last April, and it is a great camera. The image quality is exceptional.
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