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Default Educate me on BNSF's Birmingham Sub.

I think I am getting a job with BNSF out of Birmingham, AL to Amory, MS. I don't know much about the territory or really anything about the line. What sort of traffic does it handle? What is the terrain like? And, what other information should I know about it?

I live close to the NS main between Atlanta and Chattanooga (Varnell, GA to be exact) so if you're familiar with that line, you can use it for comparison purposes.

I know my question may seem vague, but it's open-ended anyway. Anything you can divulge is appreciated. Also, if anyone could link me to a map of the sub, I would like that too. I tried to view the pdf at bnsf.com, but it simply doesn't load (dial up is the sux).
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Well, General Public, if you live that close to it, drive over to B'ham and follow the tracks north on US 78.

The Birmingham Sub is nothing like the NS Atlanta North District. The south end is hilly and the north end is relatively flat. A lot fewer trains and the traffic is mixed: coal, intermodal, mixed freight.

And, I thought the crew district ran all the way to Memphis, correct?

Frank Greene
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