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Hmmm. You never know where a thread can go.

Thanks to Ian for pointing out the cut-off guy. On second look he IS irritating. Also the guy on the far hill and the dangling wire should be PS'd out.
(I am sure no one here, going to the location to shoot this shot would bemoan their absence.)

It is still tight but see attached for a suggestion crop.

I do subscribe to compliments first, then find issues when critiquing. I did not spend a long time on the shot the first time and thus did not see the additional flaws. (Oops, just killed my chance of ever being a screener!)

Patting someone on the head is worthless as well as saying "not a fan" without reason. (Not saying anyone here did.)
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I will also admit to looking at the shot very quickly and seeing the flaws only upon a second look.

That being said, I do still like it over all.

I also like Joe a great deal.

And, I also understand the concern about being hit by harsh criticism. Having been on these boards for a few years now, I wouldn't blink if I got Joe's comments on one of my pics today, and wouldn't think for a moment that he had meant them in a personally negative way. But I know that when I first started posting here, I used to be really taken aback by the responses I received to my images.

There are a lot of folks on the boards who I consider good friends today who posted responses to my original requests for help that really stung me with their blunt reactions. Years later, I know that the responses were actually fine... people were helping... I just didn't understand the shorthand and that the nature of the board wasn't to spend time with unnecessary niceties.
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My first few posts were a walk in a totally new area due to never posting on a forum and as such i went with the flow, i Believe in tell it like it is and have recieved a lot of help from members of the forum, for which i am most grateful. As for Joe i think he is a straight shooter and respect him for it. Joe's help got this shot accepted 12 mths ago.

Image © mark woody
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Photograph © mark woody

This is currently my third most popular shot.

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