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Default Poor Image Quality

Opinions are once again welcome on a couple of shots.

I actually had every shot I uploaded today rejected for "Poor Image Quality" I'm wondering if It's me doing something wrong or different. I haven't changed my process that I know of and the images look OK before uploading and not much different once they hit the queue.

Thanks for your input.
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The first one looks a little soft. The second one looks okay except for what looks like some pixelization/jpeg artifacts on the left number board...but maybe it's just the monitor I'm looking at them on...
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I'd bump up the color saturation a bit. Maybe 10%.
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There was recent talk of the program used here to resize uploaded photos. This may be what happened to your shots.
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I can only see three things technically wrong with your shots.

  1. As already stated they are a little soft, easily fixed with a bit of sharpening (unsharp mask)
  2. The highlights have blown out (Lost detail)
  3. Could do with a touch more color saturation
In the attached image you will see where I have marked the offending highlight. In the second image the intire white side of the SOO unit has lost most of the detail in the white paint. You will have to check the original image to see if the detail was captured by the camera and lost in post processing or just was not there to begin with.


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#1 has some motion blur, use smart sharpen/motion blur in CS2.
#2 needs some slight rotation and darkening.

Nice shots all the same!
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Thank you all for your input. I actually went back to the drawing board and started over with the raw data or in the one case a different angle. Both shots have been excepted.

Again, Thank you!
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