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Default Cropping Help Please

Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice/suggestions on how to improve on the crop of this one. Here's the first reject:

Then I tried opening up the space in front of the lead locomotive a little and still got dinged for bad cropping:

I have room on the original on all four sides so I can move the crop around. Is this an instance where there is too much sky and I should move the crop down? Any help is appreciated!
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You have simply got too much (plain) sky. Try getting rid of some.
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Originally Posted by willig
You have simply got too much (plain) sky. Try getting rid of some.
Agree, I would crop as close to the front and rear of the train as possible without getting too tight and try an image size of 1024 x 683, the current image size of 1024 x 787 is way too tall for all that plain sky.

BTW, you also look to have something like a dust spot in the sky just above the cab of the leading loco.
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