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Default Don’t Be A Slave to Aspect Ratio

Just something to think about.

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I still think 1:1.5 looks the best, but periodically you do have to ignore it.

Edit: Like today. I went with 4:3 on this.

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Every shot I process, I do or look at doing a custom crop. For RP purposes I will sometimes pre-specify a 3:2 or 5:4 crop, but I do that only if I know that otherwise I will end up with a shot that is too wide or too square for RP preferences. Otherwise I crop without any reference to any specific ratio.
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Funny, I was getting pissed off at frames constraining me today... I admit that, for ease of printing, I usually crop 2:3, 3:4, or 4:5, but sometimes I feel like going wider or squarer and do.
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Cool Some aspect ratio ramblings....

FWIW, in my mind the "aspect ratio" should be customized to every image for maximum aesthetic value. It is an inherent part of the composition. There is probably some theory that says rectangular is better than square, or some aspect ratio is ideal (like the rule of thirds), but like the rule of thirds every rule has its exceptions.

That said, I suspect most of us use standard frames as a matter of convenience. In the old darkroom days paper came in standard sizes like 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, etc. (although it was common to crop differently than the size of the paper). For those of who print and frame images those sizes come in handy because a lot of precut matts come in those sizes.

Since going digital I tend to use a 10x7 aspect ratio because it comes close to allowing me to match the aspect ratio of the slides I scan. And I have continued to use it with my digital originals because it seems to fit most screens nicely. I used to use it on verticals as well, but now am more often using 8x10, to get a few more horizontal pixels into the picture.

I'm not sure why RP worries about aspect ratio. I suppose it started because some folks like full screen views. But then what about the dreaded verticals? My personal preference, and it is only that....personal...if for some "border" around the image on the screen so my maximum horizontal dimension is 1000 pixels. Of course that is becoming less and less relevent as screens get bigger and wider. And of course verticals remain a challenge.

In terms of RP, I feel the aspect ratio should be left up to the photographer, and should be considered in the same way that the other variables the screeners consider are weighed. In my mind there is nothing wrong with a square image so long as it "works".
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