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Default SoCal Photo Questions

Merry Christmas guys!

In a couple weeks I'm heading to Southern California for the first time and I have several days set aside for rail photography. I'm planning to do the usual Tehachapi and Cajon stuff, along with Beaumont Hill and maybe the Cima Sub if time permits. I've looked at a lot of pics from the area over the past few months and have a decent idea of where the good photo locations are, but I still have some questions.

My one issue is concerning photo accessibility, as I won't have access to 4WD and I've heard it's been known to snow up in the mountains sometimes. I know that won't be an issue on Beaumont (not to mention it looks like the Yuma Sub has roads running parallel for most of the way), but I don't know how much that will limit me at the other locations since many of the shots I've scouted out look to be from small access roads. Are shots like Cajon Summit, Hill 582, and Tehachapi Loop still doable without a big SUV?

Any other photo angle suggestions are welcome, particularly for shots on Cajon/Tehachapi/Beaumont that would work well in winter light and are easily accessible. Thanks in advance!
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Hill 582 in snow I wouldn't try without a 4WD. Tehachapi Loop is a pretty easy road and unless it's deep snow you're probably fine. Cajon Summit is a paved highway location.
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There are enough shots right off the road at all the places you mentioned to keep you busy for your first visit. Any snow you run into at Cajon and/or Tehachapi should be pretty minimal and fleeing. If it gets really bad, the CHP will make the decision for you by shutting down I-15 in Cajon or CA-58 in Tehachapi.
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