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Question A Bridge Too Far ?

I usually just submit an image once,having got it how I like.If it gets rejected,then so be it,but just occasionally one comes along that perplexes me.This is one of those -


I like the almost "in your face" stance that it adopts,although I'm guessing that the screener didn't.If it wasn't that reason that let it down was it the position of the train ?
Grateful for any insights on this one. Thanks in advance.
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I think you needed to show the entire bridge for their taste (at least the structure that the train is running through).
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I would have liked the train a little further down the track. Right now it is a little to centered.
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I agree with Charles. The whole bridge needed to be in this shot in my op.
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Centered subjects almost always get "bad crop".

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Short trains are hard to shoot and frame, I like your shot but if you have the next frame or two with the train closer maybe what they want.
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