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Default Today's postings

So I finally noticed there was a forum. So now I just wanted to get some HONEST opinions on the photos I posted today. They are all slides that I scanned-It seems a few of them, most notably the images with the train small, or in the distant seem no where near as sharp as the slide. Please tell me how they look as far as sharpness concerned and bear with me as I fight with my slide scanner....and of course to make things worst this is all being done on a labtop. Ive noticed that my labtop seems to be a little brighter than the computers at my work so that makes it a little tough too. 90% of my previous photos were from my digital camera, which seems to coincide with web posting much easier. Oh yeah, and Mr. Palmer, thanks for the nice compliment you had for me a few days ago. And yes, I do have photos rejected, but I try to be as picky as possible to avoid the rejection, although I don't lose any sleep over a rejected photo.

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I've enjoyed viewing your images since the first day you began posting them here. You seem to have a fantastic ability to take a familiar location and present it in a very unfamiliar way. Your images are very creative and very enjoyable to look at. I'll be out west on the BNSF in September and you've inspired me try abandoning the traditional "sun at my back" 3/4 wedge type of photo.
On a slightly off-topic note: Do you still need to obtain some sort of silly "permit" before hiking around Cienga Creek ?
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Default Permit/Opinions

Yes you still need the permit. I just always have it faxed, it seems much easier. But now that I live here its a little inconvenient, because its hard to predict when I will be out there. So how was the level of sharpness on the slides that I scanned today. Its a little frustrating not being able to reproduce it like it could be in a magazine.
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