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Default Hat trick?

Well as I pack my bags to head for the south with our C-130's here at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ I noticed that I got the top three shots of yesterday. Kind of cool I think. Im not trying to be cocky, so Ill prove it by saying that the 4th shot I had submitted yesterday was rejected.
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Congrats. Yesterday was by far my most prolific single day uploading since I started railfanning: 10 photos. But the best part: 0 rejects. Can't beat 10 for 10!!!

I'm not sure if they're going to use the Stratotankers, but several crews have been put on 'alert.' Perhaps we'll be providing fuel for the F-16s flying cover over New Orleans in case some more morons start shooting at our helicopters again...just like in Iraq...
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Originally Posted by raylewis
Well as I pack my bags to head for the south with our C-130's here at Davis-Monthan AFB,...Raylewis

Be careful, Ray. We're sending a couple hundred people early next week, from both Indiana Air Guard units combined. We're kinda thin right now, because we're in the middle of an "AEF" deployment (to PACAF, no less). But I think we can scrounge up enough cops, engineers, cooks and medics to make a difference somewhere.

Take care,
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