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Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post
I doubt that the term "pasty" will consternate a resident of the U.K., since a pastie is a Cornish/Welsh food. Yoopers seem to think that the only place to get them is the UP, and one that I once worked with insisted that it had to have rutabagas in it to be a real pastie. Not so by a long shot, and there is a business in my home town that sells them commercially:


Some controversy on the rutas, but for fun there is Yooper FB page, also a Copper country page where lots of historical RR stuff shows up.

Wales is still in the UK???
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Originally Posted by MassArt Images View Post
You just have the wrong name. I am glad Mike said there was a train in the shot.

Image © Mike Danneman
PhotoID: 610784
Photograph © Mike Danneman
I like this, but anyone rejected in the future for "Train too far away" has a legitimate grievance!
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Count me in
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Originally Posted by baggydave View Post
Hi everyone, just to let you know that I am still around and still getting rejected. I am coming over to the States in May and will be coming in from Sault Ste Marie. Any suggestions for good railfanning places? Dave
Hello Dave,

hope you don't get different rejections if you resubmit: there is steam around the engine might cause a cloudy rejection, the wall beside the loco foreground clutter, the way the Horse use might cause an unlevel reject and the Horse doesn't use rails thats am not enough railway Content.
Great shot , I like it very well. it gives a perfect Impression of an era thats gone. Hard to say wether ist taken now or hundred years ago. Hope you try a resubmit.

best regards
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Originally Posted by baggydave View Post
EH???? Now you have lost me
If the Yooper term has you lost, it's a name derived from saying the initials of the Upper Peninsula. U.P. = "Yoo Pee" And the "you" pronunciation turned into "Yooper."

Oddly, there is no similar name for those of us in the L.P. "Elpers?" Nope.
Rhymes with slice, rice and mice, and probably should be spelled like "Tice."

This pretty much sums it up: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Thias
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