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Post Railroad life: Captured

Hello everyone. Here is a very intresting article that was in the local paper recently, about a man who lived, and documented the NP through BNSF railroad for over 50 years, not just as a railfan, but also part of his career. (Montana) Enjoy.

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This is a very heartwarming story.
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Wow, thats amazing. Over 50000 negatives... And how hes perserved so much history.
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Originally Posted by Billing's Gazette.com
By contrast, he has nothing but praise for Missoula industrialist Dennis Washington, whose Montana Rail Link leases the line between Billings and Spokane from BNSF.
That is just the opposite in the house I grew up in. When MRL was formed, they didn't hire my dad! So during the winter months, the only time my dad worked was on derailments on the BN high line.

I remember not being able to watch "Overboard", the Goldie Hawn movie, because the yacht in the movie was Dennis'.
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