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Originally Posted by SAR Connecta View Post
What a pity Rob, love the photo / scene - vintage ticket kiosk, clock and benches! I have two "railway" clocks in my little private South African Railway museum.
Speaking of clocks!

Image © Joseph Meade
PhotoID: 608676
Photograph © Joseph Meade
Evan Schilling
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That's pretty cool. Too bad the photographer didn't remove the paper towel roll first.
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Yes Jim, I was kicking myself after reviewing the photos from the very limited time I had up where I was. Not getting too specific, the access point to get to the clock is in one of the most secure places in GCT, and it was quite an obstacle getting to. Special arrangements were made with a supervisor I work with to accommodate my request.

I had photos from the other side of the clock, but the picture shown sans the roll of towels I felt came out the best.
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Pay no attention to Thias. He's the kinda guy who would complain about Publishers Clearing House flattening his grass as they walk up to present the check.

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