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Joseph Cermak
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Default Nikon Telephoto Lens

Alright guys, I shoot with a Nikon D3300 and currently have a Nikkor 18-105mm lens. I'm looking to add a telephoto lens to my arsenal and am looking for thoughts and recommendations. Budget is about $500-$1000 but I'd like to keep it on the lower end as much as possible. So far, I've found three options:
1. Nikkor 70-300mm with VR

2. Sigma 70-300mm APO
The very low price point worries me regarding the quality or performance, even though it is a sigma.

3. Sigma 100-400mm
This one is a bit more, and the 300mm zoom of the other lenses is probably enough for me, but I wonder if the extra $$$ for the extra zoom and Sigma lens is worth it.

Any help appreciated, thanks!
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