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Default Best photo locations in and around Pasco, Washington?

Hey everyone. I'm going to be going to Pasco, Washington this weekend. For those of you who are railfans around the area, where are the best locations in and around Pasco? I've noticed the curve north of town is quite a good location, judging by the shot of NS 8099 leading an oil train there. Where are some other good locations around there?
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Do you have wheels? If so, head north to Providence Hill. Take the highway 26 exit off of 395. First go check out Hatton (to your left) then go across the Highway and head north. Work between there and Lind. If you have a high clearance vehicle and don't mind a lot of dust, the back roads through the Hatton Coulee are interesting, too. Not for the timid, if it gets wet.

Historically, the BNSF is real tough on any trespassing around the yard in Pasco. Pretty boring shooting in the nearby area.
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