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Bryant Kaden
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Here are two meets at the same location, but you can see what a difference a few thousand feet in altitude can make!

Image © Bryant Kaden
PhotoID: 298631
Photograph © Bryant Kaden

Image © Bryant Kaden
PhotoID: 297292
Photograph © Bryant Kaden

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Two meets from my collection. Interesting comparisons between these two shots... steam tourist line meet in the mountains of the west vs. modern mainline freight meet in the downtown of one of the southeast's biggest cities.

Image © John Higginson
PhotoID: 74132
Photograph © John Higginson

Image © John Higginson
PhotoID: 262153
Photograph © John Higginson
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Default Meet Shots

Taken Back in September when it was warmer and there were leaves still on the trees....

Image © Dean J. Splittgerber
PhotoID: 295893
Photograph © Dean J. Splittgerber
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N. Herring
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I currently dont have a meet shot in the DB, but my friend allowed me to share some of his. (Note: I was with him on every one of these)

old meets older meets newer

Image © Nick
PhotoID: 279814
Photograph © Nick

Rare meet as Foreign power leading on the BNSF is hard to come by.

Image © Nick
PhotoID: 273687
Photograph © Nick

Stacks galore is a Transcon normality

Image © Nick
PhotoID: 273685
Photograph © Nick

Image © Nick
PhotoID: 224050
Photograph © Nick

Probably one of the coolest of his

Image © Nick
PhotoID: 191226
Photograph © Nick
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