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Default Photography and Security

From the Galveston (Texas) The Daily News:

"GALVESTON — Are law-enforcement officials who patrol refineries and ports going too far in the name of homeland security?

"Some photographers, who complain they’ve been harassed and had their equipment confiscated, say so. But law-enforcement officials say they’re only following federal guidelines in a post-9/11 world.

"The ever-widening debate about from where and at what photographers can aim their cameras illustrates a tug-of-war between constitutional rights and the protection of what officials say are potential terrorist targets."


Dave Kerr
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Angry grrr

They did not obtain a warrant, but confiscated the memory card from his digital camera, according to reports.

But as usual, nodoby really knows whats going on. I've always wanted to know these federal guidelines, but I've never been able to find them and nobody knows them. Personally, my Constitutional rights make me feel a lot safer than anti-terrorism laws. The 1st, 4th, and 9th Amendments are great things.

HEHEHE, I wonder if this site has ever been looked at by the gov't.
~Mike Bjork

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This s**t really gets me steamed... if some jackboot is gonna try to confiscate my stuff, they'd better be ready to shoot. Over my dead body.

1st thing is ask for a supervisor, next is a lawyer, then right to the newspapers.

Thanks to psychopath Bush & co., the Constitution is becoming a joke.

9/11 my a$$! That was an inside job.

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I cant go anywhere near the harbor with a camera without one or two security guards following me around.

It is a load of crap!!!
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Don't feel bad guy's I live in BFE Idaho, and I'm constantly harrassed. I also have the "unproud" honor of being on UP's so called homeland security watch list. Yep, trackside terrorist they call me, what a JOKE! UP can KMA!!
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i dont see the big deal, the cops are here to protect, it should be a good thing that they for once care about what we are doing. After all it is a bit suspicious what we do. The more they wonder, the worse it gets. But if they ask and let us explain then they will see for themselves and gain knowlege as to what are hobby is.

I think there is a little bit of reason to get upset as to the manner they confinscate things but i wasnt there so i dont know what kind of attitude the guy was putting off toward the cops and of course the media is going to make him sound as innocent as possible.

Its just that we shouldnt get so pissed off about this. They are called police and security for a reason becuase they are paid to patrol and make sure there are no glitches. This protects the people, the employees and america.

So dont get you panties all in a ruffle.
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