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Default The last day of Conrail

Here is something that may be of historical interest to you. Back in 1999, a few railfans and myself took a short trip to Effingham, IL to watch the last 24 hours of the Conrail before the St. Louis line became part of the CSX Great Lakes Division. The Conrail crossed another soon to be changing company, the IC, at grade in the middle of Effingham. It was an opportunity for us to see something for the last time and also record these movements so that the end of this railroad, at least in one corner of the world, would not slip by unnoticed.

The rest of the gang got out there the evening before, so actually, this little watch captured the last 27 hours. I arrived the next morning. The weather was less than desirable, with pockets of rain most of the day. Some foamers came up and insisted we were wasting our time because Conrail was shutting down that afternoon to allow for the change to CSX. Not believing them, we stuck it out. And sure enough, Conrail did not shut down, at least on this line.

It was definitely a sea of blue that day. I can say I am happy we did this jaunt, capturing history and the end of an era. Enjoy! Feel free to comment or ask questions. My apologies again for not being able to put this in a cleaner format.

Sunday, May 30th, 1999


1. 2121 E CR PRR 3423, PRR 5456, CR 2571 TV-6
2. 2215 S IC IC 3131, IC 3113, IC 3136 I01
3. 2233 S IC IC 6050, IC 6003, IC 1029, IC 1021 GLCE
4. 2320 W CR SP 8023, CSXT 7588 INSL
5. 2343 S IC AMTK 821, AMTK 356 59
6. 2347 E CR CR 2567, CR 2576, CR 6772 MAIL-4

Monday, May 31st, 1999

7. 0032 S IC IC 6109, IC 6137 DECA
8. 0053 N IC IC 6106, IC 6144 MEMH
9. 0100 W CR BNSF 4416, CR 6485 STBN
10. 0155 E CR UP 6088, NS 8785 NLIN1
11. 0210 N IC IC 3134, IC 3103, IC 3135, IC 8203, IC 8304 I04
12. 0259 N IC IC 3106, IC 3139, IC 3124 I02
13. 0313 W CR UP 3521, UP 5875, UP 5974, UP 3562, SP 8010 INFW1
14. 0345 E CR PRR 5446, CR 6860 TRIN
15. 0355 W CR IC 1000, IC 1014 PIIC
16. 0419 S IC IC 6008, EMDX 8300 CHME
17. 0438 E CR SP 8701, UPB 4235 ARIN
18. 0446 W CR CR 5525, CR 5046 INTR1
19. 0509 N IC AMTK 506, AMTK 803 58
20. 0552 W CR CR 6143, CR 3356, CR 3363 INAS
21. 0630 E CR IC 1012, IC 1002 ICPI
22. 0836 N IC GTW 5802, IC 9574 local
23. 0935 S IC IC 1003, IC 1004, IC 3140, IC 3129 mixed freight
24. 0950 N IC IC 6017, IC 6004 MECP
25. 0958 E CR SP 5368, GSCX 7364, CR 6008, SSW 9678 NLPI
26. 1240 W CR CR 6129, PRR 8300, CR 6247, NS 9315, PRR 8331, CR 5528 MAIL-3
27. 1551 E CR CR 5557, CR 6803 ASIN1
28. 1643 W CR PRR 8399, UP 3083, CSXT 8563 TV-5
29. 1740 N IC AMTK 37 392
30. 1749 E CR UP 3216, IC 6150, UP 910 NLIN1
31. 1749 W CR UP 3060, UP 3678 INEW
32. 1804 W CR UP 5687, UP 200, SSW 8077, SP 9780, SSW 9685 PIPB
33. 1911 W CR PRR 5446, CR 6860 INIC
34. 1949 S IC AMTK 518 391
35. 1953 N IC IC 6003, IC 6050 CADE
36. 2035 S IC IC 6115, IC 6007, IC 8724 MHME
37. 2044 N IC IC 6137, IC 1026, IC 1032 MEMH
38. 2100 N IC IC 1010, IC 1030 MECP
39. 2129 S IC IC 3135, IC 3108, IC 3134 I01
40. 2235 W CR SP 5368, GSCX 7364 INFW
41. 2245 E CR CSXT 7588, SP 8023, CR 5525, CR 5046, NS 9315 SLIN
42. 2305 S IC IC 6102, IC 6065 GLCE

Conrail trains:

TV-6: Intermodal from Rose Lake Yard (near E. STL) to Boston
INSL: Manifest from Indianapolis, IN to Rose Lake ( I think)
Mail-4: Intermodal from Rose Lake Yard (near E. STL) to Little Ferry, NJ
STBN: Auto parts from Sterling, MI to BNSF at STL for Chrysler, Fenton, MO
NLIN1: Manifest run through from UP North Little Rock to Indianapolis
INFW1: Manifest run through from Indianapolis, IN to UP Fort Worth, TX
TRIN: Manifest from TRRA Madison Yard to Indianapolis, IN
PIIC: Manifest from Pittsburgh, PA to IC RR at Effingham, IL
ARIN: Automotive run through from UP Arlington, TX to Indianapolis, IN
INTR1: Manifest from Indianapolis, IN to TRRA Madison Yard
INAS: Manifest from Indianapolis, IN to Alton & Southern Ry. Gateway Yard
ICPI: Manifest from IC RR at Effingham, IL to Pittsburgh, PA
NLPI: Manifest run through from UP North Little Rock to Pittsburgh, PA
Mail-3: Intermodal from Little Ferry, NJ to Rose Lake Yard (near E. STL)
ASIN1: Manifest from Alton & Southern Ry. Gateway Yard to Indianapolis, IN
TV-5: Intermodal from Boston, MA to Rose Lake Yard (near E. STL)
INEW: Manifest run through from Indianapolis, IN to UP Englewood, TX
INIC: Manifest from Indianapolis, IN to IC RR at Effingham, IL
SLIN: Manifest from Rose Lake (I think) to Indianapolis, IN

IC trains:

I01: Intermodal from Chicago, IL to New Orleans, LA
GLCE: Manifest from Glenn Yard Chicago to Centralia, IL
DECA: Manifest from Decatur, IL to Cairo, IL
MEMH: Manifest Memphis, TN to Markham Yard Chicago
I04: Intermodal from New Orleans, LA to Chicago, IL
I02: Intermodal from New Orleans, LA to Chicago, IL
CHME: Manifest from Chicago, IL to Memphis, TN
MECP: Manifest from Memphis, TN to Champaign, IL
CADE: Manifest from Cairo, IL to Decatur, IL
MHME: Manifest from Markham Yard Chicago to Memphis, TN

AMTK trains. Fortunately I had only to suffer through two of the four that went by:

58/59: City of New Orleans
391/392: Illini

Click on n691lf.rrpicturearchives.net for a good laugh and waste of your time.

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Conrail did not shut down
Awesome. Workin' right up to the end.

Good stuff, Pat. That's for the slice of history!
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