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Default Question about a puzzling rejection

Ok I had this picture rejected yesterday, I thought the train had enough head light on it, but, it was rejected for being cloudy. Does it look like a typical cloudy rejection, or is it because of the clouds in the back ground?


Any hope for this one?


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Two things --

1) The light is weak... chances are that it would have been enough light to get in if the power were rare, but middle-of-the-road light with very common engines usually won't make the cut.

2) The picture is also leaning... you need to straighten it.
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Image quality isn't too great either (though I know this is sometimes out of people's control due to financial or other constraints). Composition isn't too bad, just rotate it to the left as was said before, until those telephone poles are perfectly vertical (maybe 1 degree or so to the left).

And yes, it looks like you had a somewhat hazy day, thus "filtering" the light and in effect making it appear weaker. Yesterday was like that for me, and I really had a tough time shooting some stuff...you've just got to work around it (make sure the exposure is good and the composition doesn't include too much of an "iffy" sky [this goes for overcast days as well]).

Hope this helps a bit...I know you might be a little upset, but it looks like you've got potential, so stick with RP (even if you pull a lot of your hair out in the process ) and you'll be surprised at how good you can get. I myself and many others can attest to this...
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I add if the exposer was off and you had to lighten it up a lot, from the way it looks. Will give you that noisy foggy look. And it is damn near impossible to fix well if at all. If that is what happened, get set up and put the camera on M and take a test shot, look at the histogram, adjust, and shoot. It is a Nice spot hope you get some in from there soon. I played with it some, re-cropped it and added color back to. Make one look like this if you like and see if it gets in.
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