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Default Chicago Union Station Master Plan

Short Term
These include enhancements to the stationís entrances and expansion of waiting rooms by Amtrak, as well as two upcoming CDOT projects to improve bus lanes on Clinton and Canal Streets and create an off-street CTA bus terminal on Jackson Blvd, between Canal and Clinton.

Medium Term
These ideas include: reallocating the space currently occupied by some baggage platforms to allow the widening of commuter platforms; converting unused mail platforms to allow their use by intercity passenger trains; reorganizing existing passenger station facilities to improve capacity and flow; and rebuilding the Canal Street viaduct above parts of the station in a manner that improves street access to the station concourse below.

Long Term
...concepts for further increasing passenger capacity and improving the traveler experience by significantly expanding or completely replacing the existing intercity and/or commuter station facilities in the 200 or 300 blocks of South Canal Street. The study has also investigated the concept for adding additional track and platform capacity in one of two alternative underground alignments, Clinton Street or Canal Street.

Press Release:

Plan Document
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