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Default What Is The Focal Point Here?


Editor says the composition is wrong. How do I post the shot here?

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The train is too close to the edge of the photo.
The photo is also rather square, and that seems to be a tough sell here.
Was this shot from an opposing train?
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The thing that seems awkward to me is that I am expecting to see the entire framework of the bridge with the train then being on the left hand side. Instead I am seeing only a portion of the bridge and that seems odd to my eyes.

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Does have a weird feel to it. The composition is jumbled without a set objective.

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David Harrison
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Thanks. Yes, this photo was shot out of the cab window, so there's no more to the right. I can't get the train away from the edge. Next time......

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Looks like you may have been scrambling out of the way as the train came and you bumped the shutter button. Then, when you got home, noticed that you had accidentally taken a photo of this scene, so you leveled the shot and called it good (but yeah, I know you were in a cab).

Seriously though, this is a very awkward composition and a justified rejection.
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