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Default Didn't get the memo

I mean no disrespect here (because maybe I'm overlooking something or I didn't get the memo), but what is up with the seeming trend on RailPictures.net toward including only a partial photo date (month and year only) in a posting? For example, "December 2021" instead of "December 9, 2021"?

Obviously slack should be cut for an old photo, whose date may be lost to history. But I'm talking about current photographs, taken with a digital camera. I mean, how can you possibly not know the photo date of a photograph taken with a digital camera? For that matter, how could you not know the date of a photo taken 3 days ago, even if you were using a pinhole camera?

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hello Ted,

in general i agree with your opinion, but there are cases, the uploader explicit don't want to publish the exact date, for example he/she is on a business trip and uses a short Break to take some photos, or train drivers, not every comany is amused when theit train drivers take pictures.
And for the old analog photos, although i have a lot, but for the most i can't say the exact date. Nowadays i regret, that i didn't have made more and better notes.

have a nice day.
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Micha hit it on the head, I suspect... don't want to share a date the photographer should have been somewhere else, or a friendly railroad employee was on duty (and could get in trouble).
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