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Default Is This Worthy or Just Another PEQ Whine?

PEQ is a subjective opinion so I usually don't worry too much about those rejections. However I thought this shot was at least mildly interesting, perhaps a different perspective of what it's like to work on the railroad at night. Does anyone like this shot or am I just letting my personal feelings get the better or me?

All comments welcome!

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I like the idea. maybe a shorter exposure? The thing that killed it for me is the movement from the locomotive.
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This shot does not deserve to have your namer attached to it. You're much better than this. There's nothing in focus in this shot, such as the part of the loco you can see which you would think would be. Also, you'd want the lights to be more streaks than this. Someone will probably do a search and find a couple of examples to work from.
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No signals in the frame, but this is what I think you're getting at.

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Photograph © Thomas J. Nanos - www.nanosphoto.com

The key for me and these types of shots is holding the camera on the tripod during the exposure, basically keeping the camera steady with the locomotive. If the lights shake around a little, that's fine - the visible parts of the locomotive are in focus & steady.
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