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Default BNSF Wreck in Coon Rapids, MN

Did anybody get any photos of the BNSF intermodal wreck from this morning in Coon Rapids, Minnesota (just east of Hanson Blvd Grade Crossing)? At 7:00pm tonight they were just pulling containers off with cranes. The local rumor is that a broken watermain may have softened the ballast and caused the train to rollover. They were rushing to get the second line clear by midnight.

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I'm disappointed not to see any photos of that wreck too. The "Offical" cause was broken "angle bars", the plates used with bolts to hold 2 pieces of rail together, I didn't hear anything about a water main. The wreck took out both mains, main 2 suffering the worst, that's the one the train was running on. main 1 was back in service at about 8 a.m. sunday, main 2 followed at about noon. That werck could've been soo much worse if it was a train with tank cars or if there was a westbound approaching at just the right (or wrong) time. those containers clean up pretty quick, and there was no hazardous material. All things considered, they're lucky that's all that happened.
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