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Default Night Shots - Am I getting better?

Hi Guys this one was rejected for bad motive. I'm not complaining as its nothing special, but I want to know if I'm along the right lines. It was suggested to me before to alway use a static light source in the photo, which I have many. Thanks for the imput. http://www.railpictures.net/viewreject.php?id=286154
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Focus is soft. That said, 'streak' shots don't do anything for me... I'd get a stopped train if possible.

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Switched out
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Big improvement there Niles, but still a little way to go. The photo is a little soft and a bit under exposed (yes I know it's night time and it's dark )

The next time you venture out try a shot of the station building as the main subject.

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Originally Posted by Switched out

The next time you venture out try a shot of the station building as the main subject.

You said it all Christine.

The biggest thing about night photography, particularly for the timed exposure stuff is finding a stationary object to make the focal point of the photo.

Stations, towers, signals, standing engines, bridges, rock outcroppings, streams, etc. I try to adhere to that as a general rule of thumb for all of my night photos, including the flashbulb stuff.

Streaks of light are just that, but a streak of light passing under a signal bridge, or through a tunnel is something to see.

Just my thoughts.

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Matt Rivers
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I've often found that my favorite night shots are ones in which I'm actually killing time between trains. I particularly like to utilize crossing gates, signals, and moonlit rails.

Get creative, take different shots of different things, move around. There are always options.
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